Potential revival of High Speed rail plans – Bangkok – Hua Hin / Chiangmai – Bangkok


The Department of Railways has unveiled a new study plan, R-Map, which considers a seamless rail network across the country. The study is expected to take one year to complete, and has revealed that the following high-speed lines “Bangkok-Chiang Mai” and “Bangkok-Hua Hin” are to be considered again for construction.

On August 5, 2021, reporters reported that The Department of Rail Transport (Khor. Khor.) is conducting a feasibility study to develop a railway network to cover and connect areas throughout the country and support multimodal transport seamlessly (R-Map). By continuing to develop and improve the railway network, whether it is the construction of double tracks. and a new route as well as developing a telecommunication system and signaling Locomotives and wheels To make the rail transport system become the main system for traveling and transporting goods of the country. 

This R-Map study will explore the feasibility of developing a railway network to cover and connect more areas across the country. to connect travel and goods transport from economic areas Tourist attractions and industries of various provinces including connecting with neighboring countries in ASEAN as well as the development of cooperation in international train services. Develop various logistics facilities and service centers to support the changing of freight and travel modes. 

Upon completion of the study, a railway network development plan will be drawn up to cover and connect the whole country and support multimodal transport seamlessly. To achieve concrete actions appropriate to the current status and future trends by integrating with other transports, as well as recommending investments in accordance with the priorities and necessities of each route in the overall projects of the country and region to help in rehabilitating the economy After the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus and supporting investment after the opening of the country  

Dust off 2 high-speed “Chiang Mai/Hua Hin” new study

A source from the Ministry of Transport revealed that this R-MAP study will take the results of the study of 2 other high-speed train routes, namely the Bangkok-Chiang Mai section. and during Bangkok – Hua Hin that had been done in the past to study again. Because the country’s situation has changed from the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus since the beginning of 2020 until today. This causes the country’s fiscal position to be highly fragile, plus both projects cost more than one hundred billion baht in investment. Therefore, both projects need to be reconsidered and studied once again.

The duration of the study will take one year and is expected to be completed in August 2022. Upon completion, it will report to the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) for acknowledgment, after which the results of the study will be sent to the State Railway of Thailand (SRT .T.T.) to design in detail for each route It will coordinate with various sectors of the country, including the public, private and others, to come together to plan and consider jointly in the design of railway routes and secondary transport. In order not to repeat the case of Thai-Chinese high-speed trains that have to clear obstacles about world heritage in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

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