Taste traditional Israeli food at Ogen Hua Hin Restaurant


Ogen is a word that means anchor, and according to the owner, David, this restaurant is what anchors him to Hua Hin, and in turn Thailand.  

We kicked with off with their Falafel set, which comprised of steak fries, humous with olive oil, and a gentle sprinkling of paprika.  This is definitely a set that can fill you up.  At first glance you might feel that this is not as big as some typical western meals like pasta etc, however the secret is in the falafel, or more accurately the chickpeas.  Chickpeas are low in carbs and high in protein, and they do a great job of satiating your hunger!

Speaking of the falafel, taste wise it presented with the characteristics of a small amount of spice, nothing overpowering, but enough to keep blandness at bay.  Its interesting to also note that the original recipe from Israel, so you can assure yourself you are taking part in some very provincial food here!

Shahshuka Ogen 

2 eggs, cooked eggplant, a tomato sauce, topped worth parsley and sides of pita to soak it up in.  This makes for a typical and traditional Shahshuka, this is most likely a new dish for many people and its kinda hard to explain what it tastes like, or is similar to.   The sauce is made of bell pepper, Chilli, mediterranean spices and garlic.

Mixed grill

The mixed grill presents aromatic spices and the smell of the Middle East!  Grilled tomato, chicken, rib eye steak, onion, jalapeño all make for a feast of meat delicacies.  And then we continue to Pufta lamb kebab and megaz sausage Moroccan style.  I’m happy to say that the lamb kebab is not overly gamey, but has a strong succulent taste.  This is a great sharing dish.

The spices are the end and bold and present, made up of David’s secret recipe, for me it was strangely reminiscent of thai seafood sauces.  It has the bite and punch that will ensure it is popular, especially with the Thai crowd.  It’s a great dish as a starter or main.  Perfect to just sit and munch on over a long coffee and perhaps a longer conversation 

Hommaus Ogen

It’s a slightly sweet Hommaus which is happily not bland.  Garnished with paprika and chickpeas in the middle, this is a mainstay of much of the food form the middle east.  If Hommaus is one of your go to dishes, you will be happy to know that Ogen does a great version of it!

In summary, if you are simply looking for something different to the local Thai fare, of wanting a break from standard western food, Oven presents a great alternative.  Furthermore, its tasty and healthy to boot!

Find more information at their Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OgenHuaHin.res

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