SIAM Takashimaya at ICONSIAM Bring along freshness from ready-to-serve Japanese Fish Market


I am Takashimaya, original yet famous Japanese department store at ICONSIAM, complied with the policy to eliminate risk from Covid-19 pandemic by accommodating our valued customers gathering sushi and sashimi menus from Nakajima Suisan, the renowned sushi & sashimi retailer in Japan and East & South East Asia, that selects seafood from the Japan and worldwide fish market. Not only sumptuousness, but also the freshness in every bite will be delivered to your doorstep. Stay safe at home and indulge yourself, your family & your friends with freshly prepared and delicious menus every day.

If you are Japanese sushi and sashimi lover and crave for fresh seafood from Japan, don’t miss out real genuine freshness for your sushi & sashimi at home from Nakajima Suisan, the retail outlet that has originated from a big & famous fishery company from Japan that specializes in preserving/delivering the high quality of great taste & freshness during the transportation which are made by Nakajima Suisan. Their outlets become well-known and they can be able to expand over 100 outlets throughout East & South East Asia.

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