Thailand to introduce Digital Health Pass


Domestic flight passengers will soon be able to utilise a “Digital Health Pass” that will be included in the Mor Prom vaccination app. 

According to an agreement signed on Wednesday by the Public Health Ministry, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, and the Thai Airlines Association, the government’s Mor Prom app will be utilised as the Digital Health Pass for flight traveler in Thailand. 

Previously, consumers may schedule a Covid-19 vaccination injection using the Public Health Ministry’s Mor Prom app. Later, the app was changed to solely allow users to report bad or problematic vaccination responses. There is speculation that the digital health pass may also be used as a means to determine entry to other venues, as well as domestic flights.

The Ministry of Health has modified the procedures to regulate COVID-19, according to the Deputy Minister of Public Health. to restore the economy. Various activities have progressively opened since September 1st. Traveling into and out of extremely restricted places is one of them. (Dark Red Area) in 29 provinces, stressing the adoption of universal preventive measures and COVID-free environments. To preserve social distance, setting measures in three areas, namely space and environment arrangements, is necessary. Has adequate ventilation, two doses of COVID-19 vaccination, and is ATK negative. 

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) and the Airlines Association of Thailand (AAT) reached an agreement with the Public Health Ministry yesterday on the usage of the app for flights.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Kiatpoom Wongrachit, stated that efforts have been taken to ensure the country’s safe opening with new disease control. Vaccinate individuals and take actions to assist disease prevention, such as utilizing the Digital Health Pass on the Doctor Ready application if they have vaccination information, RT-PCR or ATK test results, or have been infected, based on the concept of protection in all situations. By prioritising the protection of people’s personal information as a priority.

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