The unemployment rate is starting to decrease


The government’s strategies are bearing fruit in increasing the employment rate. The increasing level of exports, the improvement in consumption, and the reopening of businesses have been the key to the gradual improvement of the employability rate.

A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Office, Trisulee Trisaranakul, affirmed that unemployment has decreased considerably compared to last year, considering the reduction of people affiliated with social security who applied to the government for unemployment benefits. She also claimed state sector employment promotion and the factory sandbox scheme as having partly contributed to improved employment.

The Ministry of Labor presented a report with its updated results regarding the project to improve employability. Assistance money of 8.41 billion baht in total has been paid to 197,899 employers and 2,803,472 workers. Another 44 million baht of aid money was pending disbursal to 1,263 employers and 14,743 workers. The ministry indicated that phase one of the project has brought about hiring in 19,090 additional positions at SMEs.

December 20 of this year is the last date to apply to phase two of the project. Employers who meet the program’s requirements will receive 3,000 baht of allowance per worker per month, for two months. The worker must be a Thai citizen.



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