China successfully controlled the Xi’an outbreak


China has locked 13 million inhabitants in Xi’an, northwest China, because of a spread of Covid-19. The strict measure has been going on for 14 days since its implementation and seems to be working as expected.

The central government of China demanded that local officials strictly and properly implement measures to contain the infection, while new cases have shown signs of descending.

The community spread of the virus is under control, and new cases have declined in recent days. All the measures applied have made it possible to contain the rapid spread that the virus showed at the beginning of the rebound.

The severe quarantine applied in Xi’an has complicated the acquisition of essential products. Now thousands of volunteers have been deployed to bring food and medicine home. The authorities affirm that there is enough resource for everyone’s supply.

China also declared quarantine in other cities and districts where there have been outbreaks. Although the number of infected is much lower than in other world cities, China maintains a policy of total control against any suspicion.


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