Resort in Thailand sues a client for posting a bad review


Ms. Khing, a guest at a resort in Khao Yai, was threatened for posting a negative review online. The case has no precedents. Khing clarifies that she is just a casual customer and that according to the resort, she could have to pay up to 3 million THB for defaming their service.

Sittra Biebangkerd is the lawyer of Ms. Khing and revealed yesterday that a resort in Khao Yai threatened a female client for posting a bad review on a travel booking platform Agoda on Dec 19.

Ms. Khing stayed there from June 13-14 and subsequently complained about the quality of the facilities and service, giving it six stars out of 10 on the app, Mr. Sittra said.

Afterward, Ms. Khing reportedly received a threatening call from the resort, claiming her review was defamation and had sullied the resort’s reputation.

The resort demanded she immediately delete the post, pays 3-million-baht compensation within 15 days of receiving a letter notifying her of the damages, and issue an apology via five copies of a newspaper for a week.
If she failed to comply, she would subsequently face both civil and criminal lawsuits, the report said, according to her lawyer.
In response, Mr. Sittra said he would be able to defend his client and also identify the resort.


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