Financial security measures for the self-employed put in place by the government


Self-employed workers are encouraged to join the public savings fund to ameliorate their fiscal safety, and other benefits ranging from accident insurance to a pension program. The government also expects to introduce supplementary job security benefits for the tone- employed and informal workers.

Government deputy spokesperson Rachada Dhanadirek requested that people between the periods of 15 and 16 enroll in the National Savings Fund (NSF) program, which is open to people who aren’t full- time workers in a registered business. This program is open to scholars, shopkeepers, growers, hack motorists, tone- employed persons, and contributors to social security under Article 40 of the Social Security Act.

Each party in the NSF is obliged to pay a minimal donation of 50 baton or a outside of baton, and the government will contribute baton per time. The donation quantum is duty-deductible, while contributors will enjoy a wide range of benefits similar as health and accident insurance, and a withdrawal plan, in addition to the social security pension.

With the end of perfecting the livelihoods of some19.6 million informal workers,Ms. Rachada said the Cabinet had approved in principle the Informal Workers Welfare and Protection Bill. Once legislated, the bill will insure that informal and tone- employed workers have access to introductory employment rights, job security, social security, and the right to organize.


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