Bangkok: Trial of a contactless ticketing system for the MRT


Bangkok’s public transport systems, including MRT, BTS, buses and boats, are currently implementing a touch-free payment system, with the first trials starting this Saturday.

This Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) announced that it has collaborated with Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited and the Bangkok Expressway and Metro Company Limited (BEM) to develop a contactless payment system for the MRT’s Purple Line and Blue Line, using an electronic contactless system or “EMV Contactless” system, in order to improve the convenience of riders and the quality of life of Thai people. The opening to the public is scheduled for 29 January 2022.

When the system is fully implemented, the accelerated payment system will be available on all Bangkok’s train lines, including the MRT and BTS, as well as on some of the city’s boats and buses, and even on the toll roads of the expressways, which will be very convenient for the city’s commuters.

Krung Thai Bank has developed a fare payment system for the electric trains, and BEM has improved and installed a system at the automatic fare collection gates at the two MRT stations, which MRTA has monitored and supervised. Constant progress has been made and the system is ready to be opened to the public to test the service on 29 January 2022.

Mr. Phayong Srivanich, President Krung Thai Bank revealed that Krung Thai Bank, as a state-owned commercial bank, is willing to develop technology and innovation to continuously drive government policies by realising the importance of the country’s transport system which is an important economic activity linking all lifestyles leading to the country’s economic and social development.


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