Thai government is paying attention to electric vehicle (EV) technology


By 2040, electric vehicles (EVs) will constitute 54% of global new car sales. As the greener and more cost-efficient alternative to fossil-fueled cars, EVs will soon be a fixture of everyday life.

During the beginning of 2015, The Thai government had shown attention on the electric vehicle (EV) technology and start to launch a policy to promote EVs in Thailand.

The Thai government and automakers then have to adapt to the change. 

Thailand is currently focusing on transforming its vehicle manufacturing of internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. 

The government’s policies and the public sector’s MOUs are supporting Thai carmakers to achieve the goal of Thailand being the EV hub of the region.

According to Mr. Krisada Uttamote, President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand, Thailand is highly capable of carmaking. In 2021, Thailand produced around 1.6 million car. Half of them were for import.

Meanwhile, many countries in the world have already launched policies to eliminate internal combustion engine vehicles. 

Mr. Krisada said policies such as the reduction of excise tax and import tax, bringing in new entrepreneurs, helping existing carmakers transform to EV makers will help promote the use of EV.

In addition, recently, the association has signed MOUs with educational institutes to produce graduates who are experts in EV.

Mirko Bennardo
Author: Mirko Bennardo


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