Livestock authorities in Prachuap province speed up African Swine Fever control


Prachuab Khirikhan, Livestock authorities in the province Prachuap has rushed to control African swine fever (ASF) in 2 districts by spraying disinfectant on farms where the outbreak has been found every week for 1 month, along with collecting swine secretions samples from other farms for testing.

Thailand detected the country’s first ever official case of African swine fever on January 11th 2022, that so far has threatened a prolonged supply shortage and price increases in pork and related products.  The first case was detected at a slaughterhouse in Nakhon Pathom province, according to Sorravis Thaneto, Director General at the Department of Livestock Development,

On 27 Jan. 2022, Mr. Yusthira Buntukul, a livestock farmer in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, said that after the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) was detected in 3 pig farms in Mueang and Thap Sakae districts, there has been destruction of 117 pig carcasses. Subsequently, a temporary animal epidemic zone for 20 villages has been declared until February 18, 2022 to control the movement of pigs within a 5 km radius around the epidemic point. It has also been recently confirmed that no pig farms in other areas have been infected. 

Authorities are coordinating with village officials to check that there are no illegal acts as per The Animal Epidemic Act 2015 and are now spraying disinfectant on farms where the outbreak has been found weekly in a monthly period.  This applies for farms within a radius of 1 km of the nearest local slaughterhouse or within the province only. 

In the case of medium and large breeders, authorities shall collect 3 samples per farm, consisting of blood or saliva secretions to check for infection. As for farms within a radius of 5 km around the disease site, farmers are advised to monitor the symptoms of their pigs.

Mr. Yutthira said that guidelines for preventing the spread of infection in small farms have been established by controlling the movement of pigs in a radius of 5 km around the epidemic point. All vehicles transporting pigs or carcasses must clean the car, and wash and spray disinfectant at the animal quarantine checkpoint or the district livestock office before bringing the pigs or pig carcasses into the vehicle. 

In addition, the Animal Health Department was ordered to accelerate the creation of a network of disease notification channels, including collecting samples from farms, slaughterhouses, and pig meat distribution sites accordingly.  Small farmers are being asked for their cooperation to clean transport vehicles after every roundup. As well as setting up a disinfectant spray point at the district livestock areas.

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