Phuket’s Police is tracking down the escape route of the murderer who killed a foreign man


Phuket’s Provincial Police Region 8 along with the forensic unit and suppression force arrived at a pool villa in Phuket this morning, February 6th, to track down the escape route of the murderer who killed a foreign man with at least ten gunshots last Friday night.

The foreign man, 32, whose name and nationality was a subject of debate online due to alleged false identification records but who was identified by the foreign press as an Indian national raised in Canada from 7-years-old until being deported in 2016, was brutally shot with at least 10 gunshots after arriving at a parking lot of the pool villa about 10:30 PM. on Friday, February 4th.

As of today, the police force arrived at the scene for further investigation after checking CCTV footage and detecting a possible escape route of the shooters.

According to the police, local witnesses reportedly spotted two men who looked similar to the alleged criminals as seen in the CCTV at an abandoned building near the crime scene on the same day and time close to when the incident happened.

The police are now gathering all information, evidence, and clues that could lead to the arrest of the criminals as quickly as possible and are now tracking down the escape route from the current evidence which is sufficient for speeding up the tracking of the shooters.

Phuket’s Provincial Police Region 8 have also cautioned patience in terms of details and have not officially confirmed or denied foreign news reports that the man killed was actually allegedly a notorious prominent Indian-born gang member who was raised in Canada but deported in 2016 after charges stemming from several assault cases. Thai police have advised the public to essentially take these foreign reports with a grain of salt, although TPN media notes this was certainly not a denial. The Royal Thai Police have also not confirmed or denied that the suspects seen in the CCTV video are foreign nationals, surmised by the foreign press to be rival gang members.

Tomorrow morning, February 7th, 2022, a scheduled meeting with the Canadian Ambassador and top Thai police brass is set to take place to discuss the details of the case. Following this meeting, the Royal Thai Police are expected to officially release more information, including potentially confirming the reports by the foreign press.


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