Australia is opening its border to new international students and workers to solve the workforce shortages


The Prachachat Business correspondent reported that Australia to open borders to foreigners that is both a tourist and those who wish to continue their studies Starting on February 21, 2022, the border reopening is the first time after nearly two years it. was first closed. It’s not just an injection of money into the Australian economy but also to alleviate labour shortages in the hospitality industry and agriculture

Free visas to solve the labour shortage crisis

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia is waiving temporary visa fees for international students and Working and Holiday Makers (WHMs) or simultaneous work and travel travellers (at Most of them get a 12-month stay visa.)

A student visa application fee of AU$630 (US$14,789.40) will be waived for 8 weeks and WHMs travellers will not be charged a visa fee for 12 weeks from 19 January 2022 to encourage entry. more country The visa applicant must have a complete vaccination history.

“We want this group of people to come here. and help to solve the problem of labour shortage especially those who are working and receiving health care skills training. caring for the elderly because workers in these sectors will be very helpful.”

Australia has also changed its temporary visa rules. by allowing student visa holders to work more hours

Before the pandemic when applying for an Australian visa, applicants were required to pay the application fee in two instalments. These instalments have to be completed at different stages of the application process.

First Installment Visa Fee

The first instalment includes four different fees:

Base application fee.

Additional applicant charge.

Subsequent temporary application charge (only specific visas).

Non-internet application charge (only specific cases).

The first instalment should be completed when the initial visa application is submitted.

Second Installment Visa Fee

For some visa types, if the application is successful, you may have to pay a second instalment before you can receive the visa. In cases where your visa is rejected or your application is withdrawn, you don’t have to complete the second instalment. This fee varies from visa to visa and for some visa types it can be very high- the Australian authorities will notify you when it’s time to pay this fee.

There is almost 50 kind of VISA available for Australia that cost from zero to 9000 Australian Dollars.

International students waiting for visas 130,000 people

International students are an important part of Australia’s largest export business. The data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that It could draw A$22.5 billion into the country in 2021, but that’s down from nearly half from the $40.3 billion achieved in 2019.

Australia’s demand for study visas is increasing. More than 50,000 international student visas have been submitted since the end of 2021.

ABC reports that Universities Australia’s chief executive, Katharina Jackson, said although visa numbers are likely to improve But about 130,000 international students are already enrolled in Australian universities. and waiting for visa approval

Around 28,000 Working Holiday Makers visas have also been granted after border rules eased.


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