Songkran this year may not have a festival


On February 9, 2022, Dr Chakrarat Pittayawong-anon Director of the Division of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control, released an interview about the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Thailand that the global situation in Europe and America is on the downtrend. , with fewer infections, but Asia and Thailand are on an uptrend. 

The main factor in Thailand is due to the opening of more activities. Social activities have increased dramatically. 

Just a pub bar Karaoke that hasn’t been opened yet but can be opened as a restaurant.

Dr Chakrarat further said that now we live like normal life the infection is increasing. But I don’t want to worry about the number of infections. I want to see the number of serious illnesses and deaths. 

By the latest information, we have a total of 90 thousand infected people who are being treated both at the hospital and home (Home Isolation), half of whom are in the hospital and found that 90% of those who are in The hospital has no symptoms or has very few symptoms.

Dr Chakrarat said that about 111 people with severe symptoms had to be put on a ventilator, accounting for 0.1% of those infected. 

“Right now it’s a bit more comfortable than a highly infected delta round. Several serious illnesses and deaths followed. But this time, the infection is high, but the severity is less. In the next 2-to 3 weeks, there will be several more serious illnesses and deaths because it is expected that the end of this month to the beginning of next month will reach the peak of the outbreak ss predicted in the scenery that without any measures, which could be up to 30,000 cases per day. 

And how long will we be in that number? It is with the measures that we will use to control the situation. If people help protect it, it won’t last long,” said Dr Chakrarat.

Dr Chakrarat said we don’t want to see the numbers as high as expected. But today, we have seen the number of 1.3 thousand. We need to help reduce the risk factors for infection because now the main infection in the family must reduce the inclusion of people, such as eating students playing sports together reduce risks at work If to reduce the rate of serious illness. 

We need to reduce the risk of infection in the 608 at-risk groups and ask them to come in for the booster-dose vaccination as scheduled. Emphasize that this is very necessary because if infected more but the number of serious illnesses did not increase. The mortality is not high, it should not be a concern. 

We can continue to live with COVID-19.

“ The point is, if the infection reaches the peak, people are still shocked. Songkran this year may not have a festival, so we need to communicate so that everyone understands that After infection, mild symptoms are very important. We have to come and get the booster vaccine to support the high-risk groups,” said Dr Chakrarat.

Dr Chakrarat added that the important things to be conveyed to everyone are:

1. Follow the Universal Prevention measures, wear a mask, keep your distance, avoid going to crowded places, wash your hands regularly. Avoid eating with people at risk during this time. high even though we know each other

2. If the home has a high-risk group, ask other people in the house to keep their distance and avoid eating together. Wear a mask and

3. Come in to receive the booster vaccination. Those who had 2 injections of Sinovac received a booster needle as Astra. Those who received Sinovac+Astra came to receive Astra And those who received 2 Astra needles also came to pick up Pfizer. 


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