“Amata” targets the sale of 1,000 rai of land from foreign


“Amata” is ready to set a target of land sales for the entire group of 1,000. rai. Several foreign investors will arrive in Thailand in 2022  after the government relaxes the Test & Go measures.They are interested especially in the automotive industry, logistics, electronics, chemical, etc., 

On February 10, 2022, Mr Wiboon Kromadit, Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Amata Corporation Plc. (AMATA) revealed that the government’s relaxation measures to facilitate foreigners’ entry into the country with the System Test & GO is a positive sign for tourism and investment coming in 2022.

Recently, investors have begun to contact and negotiate to ask to study and see the real estate area.

Most of the investors are in the automotive, logistics, electronics, chemical and tool and equipment manufacturers which is an industry in line with the Thai investment promotion policy

The AMATA Corporation Public Company Limited (AMATA) is a Thai industrial estate provider headquartered in Bangkok.

The meaning of Amata in Thai is “Eternity”.

AMATA hosts more than 1,000 factories between Chonburi, Rayong and Bien Hoa.

“Amata Industrial Estate ready to support investment and expand investment with an area of more than 14,000 rai, divided into industrial estates commercial area Land area still waiting for development which is the area of the settlement Amata City Chonburi 9,800 rai and the rest belong to the estate. Amata City Rayong 2,400 rai, which is enough for the interest of investors to come. By 2022, Amata Group has set a land sales target of 1,000 rai,” said Mr Wiboon.

The company operates in both Thailand and Vietnam and hosts global clients from the automotive, healthcare, and food and beverages industries. The presently registered capital is ฿1,067,000,000. The estate provides around 300,000 jobs for local people and the company slogan is “Creating city, driving economy” 

In addition, there is also a new industrial estate opened in Lao PDR or AMATA Smart and Eco-City (AMATA SMART & ECO CITY) with an area of 410 hectares or 2,562.5 rai, which the company is ready to develop. Based on Amata’s investors who have already invested in More than 1,400 factories located in Thailand and Vietnam including investors who wish to invest in Myanmar But are stuck in political problems, unable to invest therefore using Laos as a base for expanding production to use the logistics system Laos-China high-speed train Which is sure to be another potential area of the group in the Southeast Asian region.

“The opening of Amata City Industrial Estate in Laos This is a great opportunity for Amata’s investment plans. The potential of the area is considered an asset and a quality asset. It is sure to be well received. Looking at the country’s growth target (GDP) which is expected to be at 4% will increase investment movements,” said Mr Wiboon.


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