Beware of scammers impersonating Thailand Post


Many scammers were found impersonating Thailand Post to deceive money from people by downloading apps, transferring fees, creating links in emails, or claiming to give away prizes. Thailand Post asked to report suspicious acts by contacting Thailand Post contact call center 1545 or their social media channels such as LINE Official Account or Facebook.

Dr. Danan Suphatthaphan, President of Thailand Post Co., Ltd., said that due to the growth of e-commerce, including the increasing competition in the delivery business today, scammers are taking advantage of this opportunity to impersonate the Thailand Post and cause damage to people. The acts by the criminals such as tricking people into downloading applications that offer cheaper products than usual, calling to inform illegal parcels and ask for a fee to avoid a lawsuit, and creating fake emails to trick people into clicking links are commonly found.

Criminals are reported to pretend to be a Thailand Post officer calling people via phone calls, SMS, or LINE with fake accounts in various names such as EMS Thailandpost to trick users into downloading applications where they can buy products at lower prices than usual or claim that the reward points are close to the expiry date. In some cases, they provide a link to download the fake EMS Central Application to redeem points for products at lower prices than usual, including photo editing Thailand Post employees, announcement photos, promotional media images, press release images to persuade people to buy appliances or mobile phones, backing up their credibility with sending an invoice to the Revenue Department to pay the tax of the award. 

To add, some reach people to inform that their names have been used to be a sender of illegal things such as narcotics. identification documents, passports, copies of ID cards, account books, etc, and try to assist them to connect to a police officer to file a case via phone. At one point, they will be asked to transfer money to avoid a legal lawsuit.

Besides, some create fake emails to trick you into clicking links. The scammers will send a fake e-mail from Thailand Post attaching a link to a fake website stating that the customer’s package could not be delivered and ask them to click the link to pay the processing fee, check the status of consignment, fill in personal information or other reasons. Many victims also share that they have seen fake job posts for various positions, such as parcel sorting staff, drivers, delivery officers, information about how to apply for jobs, and evidence to support the application. Those announcements have been found through social media groups related to job announcements and fake websites, which also claim to give out prizes such as smartphones or reward cards to users who have answered surveys on the website.

Thailand Post firmly ensures they have no policy to conduct such actions over phone calls or social media platforms. Therefore, do not provide any personal information or trust any transfers. If a suspicious action is spotted or you would like to make an inquiry to track parcel status, please contact Thailand Post Contact Center 1545, reach the website, and LINE OFFICIAL @Thailand Post.


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