COVID-19 vaccine walk-in now available in Prachuap Kiri Khan


Prachuap Kiri Khan provincial hospital is now welcoming walk-ins for all doses of COVID-19 vaccines for both Thai citizens and foreigners. 

It is reported that Thailand is recording more infected cases, threatening the confidence of people who wish to travel more. In Prachuap Kiri Khan, as of March 1, 2022, there are 265 new cases found (228 in provincial, 0 in prison, 37 in out-of-province, 0 from abroad, 0 in immigration), 1 additional death (accumulated since January 1, 2022, totaling 10 cases). The rate of the first and second dose of COVID-19 vaccination in the city and Huahin is impressive among general people, including the elderly, as follows.

Dose 1: 426,089 cases (73.7%),

Dose 2: 399,862 cases (69.17%)

Dose 3: 141,507 cases (24.48%)

Hua Hin’s

Dose 1: 117,467 cases (92.56%),

Dose 2: 112,315 cases (88.50%)

Dose 3:  43,516 cases (34.29%).

Above 60 years old’s

Dose 1: 61,952 cases (70.42%)

Dose 2: 59,372 cases (67.49%)

Dose 3: 22,919 cases (26.05%).

However, the stimulation of the third dose is necessary as soon as possible to reach herd immunity. The hospital, therefore, provides the vaccination service for those who haven’t received the first, second, third, and even fourth dose. Thai people, as well as anyone of all nationalities who reside in Prachuap Kiri Khan may come for the service without having to register a queue in advance.

The medical treatment for COVID-19 patients is under good control. 1,118 beds were used, leaving 464 beds (including hospital beds and 1,582 hospital beds) and bed occupancy rate at 70.7%. The inventory of Favipiravir is still normal, with 54,221 tablets in stock.

With the rising rate of COVID-19 transmission in the country, the city would like to promote a higher vaccination rate for the third dose among its residents to reduce the severity of the disease and chances of death. Besides, the herd community will encourage safety and assurance of visitors to visit the city, driving the economy much more.


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