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The Corner Steakhouse & Churrascaria is a Brazilian style Churrasco restaurant. Found by George, a long time resident of Hua Hin.  One of the founders/owners is a son of Gauchos, born and raised in Southern Brazil. In the Gaucho culture, family and friends gather together each weekend to celebrate the good things that happened that week: a birthday, a wedding, a good harvest, a Newborn family member, or just to enjoy life and friendship. At all of these festivities, meat is served- and a lot of it! All the meats are cooked in the traditional Churrasco style: Big pieces of meat are skewered and slow-roasted over an open fire. 

Growing up, the  parents were the main Churrasqueiros, however they always took time to teach their children how to grill and keep the tradition alive. This tradition not only consists of how to prepare the food, but also how to share it with others. The meat was always sliced onto everyone’s plate, and sometimes for the kids would receive a thick slice of homemade grilled Pineapple coated with brown sugar and Cinnamon.

Churrasco is a unique type of cooking created by the Gauchos from south of Brazi.  For preparation, a fire is started, Once the fire turns to embers, large pieces of meat are skewered and slowly roasted to perfection over the fire pits.  Available to sample are their house specialties like Picanha (signature sirloin) which is a cut that is tender and flavourful , also Alcatra from the top sirloin, and Cordeiro (lamb).  There is also a large gourmet salad bar featuring over 30 items, which helps to balance out the varied selection of meats.

Don’t be surprised if you take up to two hours, to really enjoy Churrasco!

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