Prachuap proactively inspects establishments for Omicron cases


Prachuap Khiri Khan is monitoring Omicron cases more seriously by targeting businesses and factories to raise the standards of public health practices.

On March 10, Mr. Komkrit Charoenpattanasombat Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province together with working groups inspected 6 factories in the Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan area, namely Tipco Biotech Co., Ltd., Tipco Pineapple Co., Ltd., Swan Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Sin Rae Sakorn Company Limited, Wild Watergate Company Limited and Prachuap Canned Fruit Company Limited to monitor the measures of the establishments to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including checking and preventing the use of illegal foreign workers according to the action plan of the Prachuap Provincial Industrial Office that has integrated with the Prachuap Provincial Employment Office and related agencies.

However, due to the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 that continues to intensify, the Omicron strain can spread the infection and can be easily transmitted, causing the number of new infected people to increase steadily each day as well as infections in industrial workers, resulting in the cessation of business in many places which directly affects the factory operators and the overall economy of the country in order to be effective in controlling and preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Prachuap Provincial Industry Office has integrated with the Prachuap Provincial Employment Office and related agencies to determine a plan to monitor 34 factory establishments in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province between 8-25 March 2022 in order to supervise, evaluate and give recommendations to entrepreneurs or those responsible for the establishments or factories to raise the standards of public health practices of the business establishment or factory.

The working group has advised operators on the establishment’s preventive measures to control disease in specific areas (Bubble and Seal), self-assessment based on Good Factory Practice (GFP) measures, and the establishment of field hospitals for isolation. Factory Accommodation Isolation (FAI) cases include an emphasis on randomization of the Antigen Test Kit (ATK) at least once a week for factory workers to monitor for mass outbreaks. In addition, there is a survey of employees who have not been vaccinated against COVID or have not received all the vaccinations according to the criteria. The next step is to coordinate with the provincial public health office to allocate vaccines to build immunity, reducing the severity of disease caused by infection.


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