Thai evacuation from Ukraine was completed


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has completed its evacuation of Thai nationals from Ukraine, except for those who opted to stay behind with their families. The Royal Thai Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, said it will continue to provide assistance to these remaining Thai citizens. 

Tanee Sangrat, director-general of the Department of Information and spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said 230 Thai nationals were successfully evacuated in total. The ministry, through the Royal Thai Embassies in Warsaw and Bucharest, arranged the evacuation from Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Odessa to the neighboring countries of Poland and Romania, respectively, from February 25 to March 6.

Of the 230 evacuated, 223 were flown via seven commercial flights arranged by the ministry, with the rest opting to arrange their own return flights.

During this time, the Royal Thai Embassy in Warsaw also worked with the Embassy of the Philippines in Poland to evacuate 15 Filipino nationals.

The Thai Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, also helped arrange the evacuation of 2 Singaporean nationals. 

The remaining 26 Thai nationals in Ukraine are meanwhile being asked to consider leaving the country as soon as possible. The Thai embassy in Warsaw will continue to provide assistance to them via chats and the emergency hotline number +48696642348.


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