Water recedes, mussels emerge at Hua Hin Beach


Many villagers are spotted collecting mussels, oysters, and other kinds for home cooking and reselling which gives extra income to those who have lost jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier on March 26, at Hua Hin Beach from the front of the Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine in Hua Hin Municipality, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, reporters shared stories throughout the day there were many villagers who brought iron equipment with a basket, and plastic bags to collect a lot of mussels sticking to tens of thousands of small and large rocks lining up along the beach line.

From such a natural phenomenon, it was explained that seawater had dropped below the normal level, which usually happens from time to time and only in this area. This created excitement for tourists who came to Hua Hin.

Ms. Lamphun Khun Krai, a villager in Huai Mongkhon, said that each month she would look at the tide schedule, so she knew that the tide was low during this period. Therefore, she invited her friends to come to dig fresh mussels along the big rocks on Hua Hin Beach from the morning to the afternoon. She and her friends usually get 10-20 kilograms each, which is enough for cooking in the family. She doesn’t sell but keeps them for household consumption to reduce expenses. 

Likewise, Joy, a Hua Hin native, and a past professional Thai masseur, added that due to the pandemic, tourists disappeared, causing her to lose her previous job. To reduce her expenses, she likes to come for mussels and oysters on Hua Hin Beach to take home cooking and eating to reduce costs as they are very expensive to buy.

Even though most of the villagers came to collect mussels and brought them back for consumption, some of them spared some of the collections to sell to tourists on the beach starting from 25 baht/kilogram (subject to size), generating extra income during the COVID-19 situation as many still remain unemployed. It is said that they are prepared and sold daily, giving a fresh, sweet, and delicious taste. If you are interested to try fresh mussels, oysters, and other kinds, you can visit Hua Hin Beach from the front of the Chao Mae Thapthim until about the end of this month.


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