Think-to-play Creative Activity organized to promote well-being of Krabi youth


The Krabi youth fair “Think-to-play, Creative Activity (Kid Pen Len Puen Tee Sang Suk), Areas that Create Happiness, Krabi Children Know, Safe from COVID, New Way of Life, We Can Do It.โ€ was organized at Ban Na Teen Community (Lard Patin), Ao Nang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province to promote learning, thinking, and idea expression through activities in a safe space.

Mr. Somchai Harnpakdee Patima, Deputy Governor of Krabi Province who was assigned president of the opening ceremony of the fair, said that the purpose of this activity was as a platform for exchanging and presenting the work of children and youth from the activities learned through the dimensions of community, environment, which helped add values to community tourism activities. Inspired by the participation of children and youth groups from the process of initiation, planning, and self-operation throughout the process that promotes learning, understanding, attitudes, and skills building that enable children and youth to have good well-being,ย healthy behaviors, creative activities in the space were both physical and ideological spaces: a courtyard for various activities such as a field for live music, singing and playing plays, a courtyard to create happiness, present work in an exhibition style, a play area, independent play areas that are constructive to children and youth. The space will also promote kids to express their abilities happily and freely.

The Office of Opportunity Creation Office of the Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) by the Center for Creative Media for Children, Youth, and Families provides opportunities for the youth in Krabi area to gather together to create activities through ideas that are beneficial to themselves and society in the midst of a new way of life from the process of thinking, planning, and actually doing by submitting ideas in a project form. 28 project quotas are distributed to 8 districts of Krabi province for kids to sign up for. The target groups are those from the age of 10-25 years old, from urban or rural areas, with vocational background, from socially disadvantaged groups or non-nationality, etc.ย 
Think-to-play, Creative Activity (Kid Pen Len Puen Tee Sang Suk), by Thai Health Organization, would like to target youth from 25 districts in Krabi, with an agenda to promote media literacy and real-life skills, to prevent sedentary and smoking lifestyle, to reduce trash in communities, and to increase vegetable and fruit consumption. Therefore, in order to meet the criteria to receive a grant worth 35,000-50,000 baht per project, the details of a project must be health-promotion oriented. The tools that can be used to run the project ranges from arts, music, traditional wisdom or culture to social media and technology.


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