People flock to use “Cook Car Care” (Car Care by Prisoners)


By offering lower prices for all kinds of washing, yet maintaining standard and quality, Cook Car Care has been receiving a great welcome from the public, encouraging inmates to use professional skills for society.

On April 4, 2022, Mr. Mitrarun Pornmorin, commander of the Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Prison, revealed that the Department of Corrections has the policy to improve the behaviors of inmates by prepping them for professional skills before being released. He initiated a car wash or a car care service with a 100,000 baht investment to install a flushing system, modern tools, and equipment to start “Cook Car Care” service (Care Care by Prisoners) in the area beside the Eastern Provincial Prison. 

The car care provides a standard service with cleanliness, fast service without the wait, and inexpensive price. The price list is as follows;

  • motorcycle washing: 60 baht
  • Sedan washing: 140 baht
  • pickup truck washing: 180 baht
  • SUV and van washing: 200 baht

Available since April 1, Cook Car Care has been receiving responses better than expected, with people gradually coming to use the service continuously. It is open daily from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

According to the Prachuap Prison Commander, inmates who are close to the release of their sentence are the workers at the car wash. Approximately 6-7 people perform duties, with 2 correctional officers supervising the work. The vehicle is inspected before delivery to the customer. When old inmates are about to get their release, new inmates are recruited to train in order to continue the business. A portion of the proceeds from the opening of car care services will be given to inmates as personal funds of 1,000-2,000 baht per month. There are also other occupational development training for inmates, such as selling tea and coffee, making sweets, handicrafts, and barbers.

Mr. Sonsiri Sittichai, a native of Hua Hin, who used the service “Cook Car Care”, said that he came to do errands in Mueang Prachuap District and heard of “Cook Car Care”. Therefore, he stopped by to try the service to support the business. He shared that he did not feel scared. He gave a review that the car wash was good and clean, maintained standard, and has tools and equipment that can compete with outside shops. Most importantly, there are a lot of people working, making it possible to wash the car quickly, at a price that is worth the quality. In the past, he used to take his pickup for a wash that cost 200-230 baht while he paid 180 baht at Cook Car Care. He was happy with the service and said he wanted to come back for it again to encourage the inmates to keep doing good for society.


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