The government announced China agreed to the importation of Thai Durians


Thai durians can now be exported to China, owing to continued efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to work with farmers and merchants in ensuring that the fruit, known for its distinct and persistent fragrance, passes safety and hygiene requirements.

Deputy Agriculture of Cooperatives Minister Mananya Thaiset said all products sold to China must be thoroughly inspected for coronavirus contamination. The ministry has also been working with the Ministry of Public Health and Chanthaburi Province to establish a new GAP Plus standard, an extension of its good agricultural practice (GAP) certification. The extension specifically ensures compliance with China’s requirements.

Under this new standard, the Department of Agriculture has been providing knowledge transfers to the farmers and merchants on proper pest control and disinfection procedures. Local farmers are urged to dismiss unfounded rumors that Thai durians are no longer accepted in the Chinese market.

Durian was one of the most well-known exported fruit from Thailand generating almost 2.9 billion USD and more than 35% was exported to China in early 2020, however since the Covid-19 pandemics had begun China announced a harsh policy on imported products especially fresh products like fruits. But this approval from China could revitalize Thailand’s economy in terms of improving it fruit exportation.


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