Life after sunset in Hua Hin


When darkness visits Hua Hin, many areas in the city are lightened up to attract those who seek to enjoy an exclusive experience. Controversial as it appears, the spots ensure fun night outs while feeding many lives.

After a long day at work, foreign men in their retirement are commonly seen chilling with friends and welcoming ladies at various local laid-back bars in Soi. Hua Hin 94 (Wonderland, OASIS), Soi. Hua Hin 80, or Naebkehardt Road (Bintabaht Walking Street). They are pampered with a flow of beer and some fun encouraged by bar girls such as a flight of shots, the pool table or casual/intimate talks and teasing. Some guys may even be interested in a private night with their favorite lady.

“If a client would like to take a bar girl out for a night, he can do that by paying some fee to the bar owner first, then to her as an extra compensation. My boss also owns a hotel nearby, so a client can conveniently use the room service, too, “ shared by a bar lady.

This lifestyle may sound like a fun fling over a night, but for some people, this area may offer a serious relationship one has been looking for life. It is said that some male ex-pats have found love in this kind of place.

“My coworker just got asked to move in with her client. So lucky of her! The man, though, had to pay my boss about 10,000THB for the matching fee, like a dating agency. He will also pay her 20,000THB/month, too,” shared by the same bar lady.

On the other hand, the nightlife in Hua Hin is a great opportunity for a certain group of young ladies to earn a living. Calling guests to stop for drinks and chit-chats, encouraging them to ring a bell to buy drinks for everyone in the bar, and offering a private romantic moment, the girls work hard to earn extra commission per drink and bonus money from a night out with her client for her boss and herself.

“When I can encourage a client to buy a drink, I earn 50 THB. If he rings a bell and, let’s say, there are 10 people in the bar, he has to pay for 10 drinks for those 10 people, and of course, I will earn 500 THB from his ringing. If a client wants to spend a night with me, he pays 500 THB to my boss, which is like getting permission to take me out. I usually get at least 1,000 THB for a night out, but if I can persuade him to stay at my boss’ hotel, I will earn 200 THB as a commission for a room while the hotel receives 300 THB.”

According to her, Hua Hin at night used to be busier due to foreign tourists, but right now male ex-pats are the main target clients who come for talks and entertainment. The new bar venue which includes a number of chill bars in one place, OASIS in Soi.Talard Phoem Sap, Hua Hin 94, is now open to adding more life to Hua Hin at night. This upcoming Saturday, April 9, 2020, from 7 PM onwards, OASIS is throwing a grand opening celebration, with DJs, Zumba dance, and Salsa dance to pump up the late sleepers night.


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