Authorities investigate members of the lower house illegally obtaining land in nature reserve areas


The NCAA investigate 80 members of the lower house who have been accused of the same charge in Parina’s case

Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, secretary-general of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) gave an interview on April 10 about the progress of the investigation of the land ownership of the MPs who had previously complained to NACC to prosecute serious ethical violations same style as Parina Kraikup, former Ratchaburi MP for the Pracharath Party. The Supreme Court has ruled out being a member of the House of Representatives, disqualifying the right to apply for lifelong applications. And revoking the right to vote for 10 years is currently under investigation because there are many complaints In addition to Mr. Srisuwan Chanya, secretary-general of the Association of the Thai Constitution Protection Organization Previously submitted 19 names. Still, others have failed, and the NACC found from the submission of 50-60 lists of assets and liabilities, but that doesn’t mean that all 50-60 will have the same value as Parina. In this regard, for land ownership, approximately 1-2 members of the investigative sub-committees have been appointed.

When asked, people now understand that if there is an offense related to land ownership will be charged with all serious breaches of ethics Niwatchai said have to go back and look at the verdict of the Supreme Court in the case of Parina, how the decision was made, such as knowing or not knowing Did you know that corrective action has been taken? amount or amount of land occupied. And whether the damage caused to the state is high or not, it must be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Go on the principle of possession.

When asked about the progress of the investigation of Mr. Supachai Phosu, a member of the Nakhon Phanom MP, the Pride Thai Party and the 2nd Vice-President of the House of Representatives informs the wrongful ownership of state land (Nor Sor 2) that has previously appointed a sub-committee to investigate. Mr. Niwatchai said Such cases are also related to land ownership cases. There was also an ethical inquiry. We have periodic progress.


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