Pollitos’chicken platter, party dish for your hangout night


A local free-range chicken, marinated with fresh herbs and spices for over 24 hours, is grilled to serve as a juicy chicken to pump up your dinner.

A stuffed chicken is served with 4 side dishes such as sage & onion stuffing, ratatouille (French stewed vegetables), gravy, and a bowl of salad, and a few picks of international choices of sauce, namely kimchi (fermented sour cabbage), tamarind, Nam-Jim-Jaew (Thai E-sarn spicy and salty sauce), gravy, truffle mayo, Aioli (mayo with cloves garlic and lemon), blue cheese, lemon&garlic butter, and many more. 

For those who come alone, you can get a 450-gram chicken with 1 sauce. A couple can get a 900-gram chicken that comes with 2 sauces. Meanwhile, for a large party of over 4 people, a 1.8-kilogram chicken is recommended with 4 sauces. Extra sauces can be added as you wish with some extra costs.

The freshness, tenderness, and juiciness from the roast chicken and the stuffing make your dining experience much more enjoyable. The recommended sauces to try are Ailoli and truffle mayo for those who love creaminess, and Nam-Jim-Jaew and tamarind for those who wish to feel the life of Thainess. A glass of any sort of beer is a great pair with this dish.

Imported the grill machine from abroad, Pollitos ensures your dining experience with their chickens is exotic and unique. Located on the mountainside of Hua Hin, in Hin Lek Faii district, the outdoor restaurant offers lunch and dinner from 12 PM until 11 PM. 


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