OASIS, new bar arena in Soi. Hua Hin 94 now open to spread more fun at night


OASIS embraces up to 20 vibrant bars in one area with a variety of styles to select in the entertaining outdoor atmosphere.

Once you enter Soi. Hua Hin 94 from the main road, cross the railway, arrive at the intersection of Soi. Charoen Pattana 2, and take right, OASIS is on your left, next to a martial art and boxing venue, Fight Nation. An array of colorfully-lit chill-looking bars is positioned on two rows facing each other and blasting their own styles of music, yet not bothering each other. Each bar has its own characteristics such as the beach vibe, magical genie-like vibe, international hip hop sensation, and chill feeling.

There are 3 unofficial distinct zones, divided by two major bars, Midnight and Bar Muda. The bars lying before Midnight Bar seem more relaxing and private. It seems a perfect place for personal chats among your close friends. On the other hand, the area between Midnight and Bar Muda bar or the space in the middle is where you can feel more excitement and rhythms as people usually dance and hop to different bars to chat with new people. The other zone after Bermuda feels more laid-back where you can find a pool table and sports shows to watch.

The spacious OASIS welcomes all kinds of tourists from Hua Hin locals, local expats to tourists; all are both males and females. The bar staff working in the area are friendly and helpful to each other by helping to look out for their properties and customers. You may see a wanderer named Alex, usually in a white top and shorts, mingling with dancers and monitoring the security of the area, especially after the area is closed at late night.

Earlier on April 9, 2022, OASIS threw a grand-opening party with free Thai and international food throughout the night, international and Thai live music, and a few hours of Salsa and Zumba dance led by professional dancers, and a free-dance floor for anyone to dance. Now, OASIS spreads fun every day from 5 PM – 11 PM.


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