Pilot project to prevent drowning and injuries in kids launched


Ministry of Public Health and Kor Kan Dee Team launched Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality media to teach Hua Hin kids the prevention of injuries and drowning.

On April 26, Ms. Suchada Kerdmongkolkarn, General Injury Prevention Group Officer Injury Prevention Division, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Mrs. Thitinadda Jarat, a public health scholar of Hua Hin District Public Health Office together with the team went to the area to assess teaching materials for preventing injuries in children and drowning. At the meeting room of Ban Bo Fai Municipal School, Hua Hin District, there were Ms. Busaba Choksuchart, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, Permanent Secretary of Hua Hin Municipality, Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment Department of Education and the school teachers under the Hua Hin Municipality.

According to the Injury Prevention Division, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health has prepared teaching materials for preventing injuries in children and drowning in the form of interactive multimedia, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality media as the first pilot project in Hua Hin District to collect data to develop and improve teaching materials to be suitable for the target groups and in general schools. The assessment of teaching materials for child injury prevention and drowning is divided into 4 bases:

Base 1: drowning prevention media with virtual world technology

Base 2: online media

Base 3: practices on using life jackets

Base 4: lectures on health and hazards in various ways.

Kor Kan Dee Team and a total of 35 students from 7 Hua Hin municipal schools participated in the test. The children were asked to figure out the prevention of and how to cope with such problems.

According to the data during the past 10 years (2012-2021), 7,374 children under 15 years of age drowned; an average of 737 cases per year or 2 people per day. The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Public Health found that in 2021 alone, 219 children under 5 years of age drowned, accounting for 33.3 percent of all drowning deaths among children under 15 years of age. The drowning death rate per 100,000 child population is the highest, equal to 6.9%, and found that while the children were drowning, up to 35.9% of the children were with their parents or caregivers as the first aid was wrong, which was carrying a child over the shoulder. 


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