Police raid on Den Saenchai in Krabi, a famous boxer


Krabi police arrested Den Saenchai, a former famous boxer who turned out to be a tourist thief.

On April 27, Major General Chaiwat Ouikham, commander of the Krabi provincial police, launched a raid with the help of the Krabi investigation unit and the Ao Nang police. Police Lieutenant Apichat Chinaphen, superintendent of the Ao Nang police station, arrested the criminals who were attacking the tourists’ property. The incident occurred on April 24 at about 2:50 a.m. in front of Ao Nang Beach, Moo 2, Ao Nang sub-district, Krabi City district.

Mr. Faser, 23 years old, British tourist reported to Ao Nang police station that while he was swimming in the sea at Ao Nang beach, a middle-aged man came to steal his bag left on the beach. The culprit was on a motorcycle, ready to escape but the tourist ran after him, pushed the motorcycle to the ground, and snatched his bag. Nevertheless, the driver of the motorcycle managed to escape. In the bag was 5,000 baht in cash, a credit card, and the keys to a hotel room.

After being alerted, the officers went to the scene to inspect and checked the camera security in accordance with the project to increase the effectiveness of investigations and crime prevention (Security Zone) until the information of the criminals is known in order to collect enough evidence for an arrest warrant to be issued against the perpetrators.

Thanks to this, the police were able to bring a warrant to the provincial court of Krabi. Mr. Suwit or Moi Puengsom, 31 years old, was arrested and charged under a warrant of arrest at the Krabi Provincial Court No. Jor. 165/2565 dated April 26, 2022, charging him with “Stealth theft at night and armed (knife) using a vehicle and causing bodily or mental harm to others. Carrying weapons in cities, towns, or on public roads without reasonable cause.”

During the investigation, Mr. Suwit stated that he was indeed the same person as the perpetrator of the incident. Officers then arrested the suspect and searched the house. It appears that the clothes worn by the perpetrators were found at the time and date of the accident. A Honda Wave motorcycle, license plate 4566 Krabi, (motorcycle used by the criminal) was seized. 

In addition, the officials also found a wound on his right knee. Mr. Suwit admitted that the injury to the knee was caused by a fight with the victim over the bag on the day of the accident. Mr. Suwit confessed to all charges. The officers took the accused into custody, issued an arrest report, and brought him to the Ao Nang police station for further legal proceedings.

Colonel Somsak provided information that the suspect Mr. Suwit was a famous former Thai boxer, nicknamed “Den Saenchai” before the police arrested him.


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