Body of Nong Fluke found at beach north of Pranburi Forest Park


The body of Nong Fluke was found floating on a beach 400 meters from Pranburi Forest Park after swimming in the sea with his brother and being swept away by the current.

Nong Fluke or Nattarat Sala-ngam, 14, had been missing on May 2 in the sea of Suan Son Pradipat Beach. On May 3, unfortunately, his body was found despite a continuous search all day and night by many agencies such as Sawang Hua Hin Thammasathan Foundation, Sawang Methee Sam Roi Yot Foundation, Vang Phae Phai San Thammasat Foundation, Pranburi Sawang Sanphet Foundation, Naresuan Army Rangers, District 4, Thammasat, Hua Hin, and various rescue volunteers in the water along the shores of Hat Suan Son, Hat Hua Don, along the north-south beaches, together with Marine Resources Conservation Division of Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Phetchaburi Province, that sent out a team to continuously search along the Suan Son beach to Khao Tao Beach.

Later at 10 AM on May 3, officers were informed by villagers walking around the beach that Nattharat’s body was found on the beach, 400 meters from the beach north of Pranburi Forest Park about 400 meters, which was 10 kilometers from the scene of the accident. The investigators Pak Nam Pran Police Station went to check and found the body of Nattharat in a pale body lying on the beach. A physical examination revealed no wounds. It is estimated that after drowning, the body was swept away from the shore until the body was found in the morning. Sawang Phae Phaisan Foundation, Pranburi, later brought the body to Pranburi Hospital for a doctor to examine again.

According to the data during the past 10 years (2012-2021), 7,374 children under 15 years of age drowned, an average of 737 cases per year or 2 per day. The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Public Health found that in 2021 alone, 219 children under 5 years of age drowned, accounting for 33.3 percent of all drowning deaths among children under 15 years of age. Recently, the authorities of Hua Hin organized workshops to educate young kids on how to prevent drowning and injuries to raise awareness of how serious the issues were.


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