Villagers find dolphin ashore at Ban Pho Riang beach


A 110-centimeter-long finless porpoise or Hua Bath dolphin was found dead ashore at Ban Pho Riang beach or Kui Beach, with no cause of death confirmed.

On May 8, 2022, Mr. Narong Sarai, the headman of Ban Pho Rieng, Village No. 3, Kui Nuea Sub-district, Kui Buri District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, was informed by the villagers that a dolphin’s body was found lying dead on Ban Pho Riang beach. He, therefore, rushed to check the incident. When arriving at the scene, he found the remain of a finless porpoise, a bald-headed dolphin with a smooth back, sized 110 centimeters long and its gender and age unknown. There were bruises along the body, rather towards the tail and on the dorsal fin. Initially, the cause of death was unknown. Mr. Narong, therefore, called the staff of the Coastal Aquaculture Research and Development Center to take care of the case.

On the side of Mr. Narong Sarai, a villager came to report to Mr. Narong that they found a dolphin body washed up on the beach. Later, he discovered that it was the flat-backed dolphin, which was a preserved animal. Then, he called the officers at the Research Center to proceed to the next step. The village headman said that there were many dolphins in this coastal area. Often they appear on the surface of the water for fishermen and tourists to see. He addressed fishermen and tourists about the importance of conserving this kind of dolphin because the dolphins are not harmful to anyone and are close to extinction. If they swim into someone’s net, please kindly release them. Don’t hurt them and help preserve them for future generations to see.

The case of losing finless porpoises and other kinds has been found frequently in Prachuap Khiri Khan. No clear causes of their death are not usually reported. Another most recent loss was in January 2022 and found with the same type of dolphin at the beach near the front of the ‘Prachuap’ landmark sign, Suan Son Road, Ao Noi; no cause was reported, either.


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