Nong Khai opens the Thai-Laos border crossing at full rate for the first day in 3 years.


The Governor of Nong Khai checks the readiness of the First Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge border checkpoint that is the first day open for people, vehicles and goods to travel in and out, and the general atmosphere is getting more and more active.

Today, May 9, 2022, at the First Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge border checkpoint, Nong Khai Province. The governor and the heads of government-related agencies travel to check readiness and the duty of officials of several agencies operating within the border checkpoint. Today is the first day that the border has opened up travel between Nong Khai province and the Lao PDR to Thais, Laotians and foreigners after having to suspend travel between the two places since the outbreak of Covid-19 three years ago.

Kris Lam
Author: Kris Lam


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