Central Group opens “Wongamat Beach Village”, a beachfront shopping center in Pattaya


On May 9, 2022, Mr. Pong Sakuntanak, President Business Development Central Group said that “Wong Amat Beach Village”, the latest project, 200 meters from Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort on the first 2 phases of 13.5 rai in total to become a new landmark. with a project value of over 3,000 million baht with the design concept to be Unique Natural Beach Park & ​​Lifestyle Mall by the sea, the first and only in Thailand And there will be sand filling in the project area. Feel the beach, eat, sip real coffee through bringing the simplicity and beauty of the traditional nature of Wong Amat Beach, Pattaya into the shopping center.

Within the project, more than 200 existing trees can be kept large and have a green area of ​​up to three-fourths of the project area. while the building of the project will come in a single-storey format. Reduce the use of concrete or synthetic materials. Emphasis on the use of natural materials in construction.

such as vetiver grass, bamboo, etc., surrounded by walkways designed to be sandy. on an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, consistent with the concept look up to the sky eye level see trees stepping foot on the sand To allow customers to truly experience the nature of Wong Amat Beach in all areas of the project.

In addition, the project has allocated an area in the form of a Beach Park or a beach park. so that people in the community and tourists can use it as a recreational area and spend time together through a variety of project partners such as premium restaurants Both Thai and international, cafe shop, souvenir shop lifestyle shop supermarkets, etc.

and focusing on targeting quality tourists with high purchasing power, both Thais and foreigners This includes local people, people in Bangkok and other provinces, foreigners living in Pattaya. and tourists from abroad Focus on family customers

Including couples, friends, focusing on 55% Thai people, 30% are locals and Bangkokians. And other provinces 25% and foreigners 45%, divided into 30% foreign tourists and more than 15% foreigners living in Pattaya. The first phase will start construction in June 2022 and will be officially open for service in December 2022. The highlight is the coffee shop % and while the second phase will start construction immediately in 2023 and the remaining 55 rai area will be It is an expansion of Phase 3 in the future after studying the response and sales from the first 2 phases and aiming to attract 1 million traffic per year.


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