Evolution of the vaccination against Covid 19 in Thailand


Around the world, half of those eligible for a third injection have received it. 

Official statistics show that less than 40% of Thais who are qualified for a booster have received one thus far. 

Many patients need boosters because of declining immunity and a coronavirus that appears to become more contagious with each new variety. The third dose will assist improve immunity because a number of infections are still circulating in Thailand.

Reasons to buy a booster :

Because vaccine-induced immunity fades over time, a booster shot significantly improves the body’s ability to fight infection. A person who has had Covid-19 boosted has fewer severe symptoms, is sick less frequently, and is less likely to be admitted to the hospital. This is due to evidence that a booster dose of Covid-19 reduces the severity of outcomes. 

Thailand previously conducted vaccine effectiveness research in Chiang Mai. Although two doses of the vaccine did not prevent Omicron infections, they did prevent 85 percent of deaths. A booster dose administered on time improved transmission prevention by 34-68 percent and prevented deaths by 98-99 percent. Furthermore, 80 to 82 percent of those who received the fourth injection were immune to infection.

There were no fatalities. 

A stimulated person is also less likely to infect others in the same household with the virus. This is especially important for families with children under the age of five who are not eligible for vaccines, as well as those who live with vulnerable elderly people or someone who is immunocompromised. 

Omicron isn’t that bad, so why not get it for added immunity?

To begin with, the body’s natural immunity to a Covid-19 infection has weakened over time. It provides less protection. The second thing to keep in mind is that no one knows how long Covid will live. Many people with long-term Covid experience neurological abnormalities, including what appears to be chronic fatigue syndrome, memory problems, and the aforementioned “brain fog.” Many recovered Covid patients have this condition, but no one knows how to treat it or what to do about it. 

Side effects, I’ve heard, are more common with boosters.

Side effects are possible with any drug, and Covid-19 vaccines are no exception. The most common side effects of vaccines are acute side effects, such as an allergic reaction or discomfort or pain in the arm, and they usually occur immediately after the injection. 

Booster shots, according to doctors, can cause more serious side effects because the immune system reacts more strongly to subsequent doses of the vaccine. The absence of side effects, however, does not always indicate a poor immune response. Remember that side effects are often caused by the immune system’s response to the vaccine rather than the vaccine itself.

When our immune system responds to a disease or vaccine, it usually means our body is fighting a disease. 

How many boosters are required? 

Vaccinology has entered an uncharted territory. There is no set number of booster shots that must be used. Some people would rather wait for the next generation of Covid-19 vaccine than use the booster strategy. They anticipate a new version of the vaccine that will have a long-lasting impact and will be able to protect them against a variety of current and future strains. It is not clear, however, whether a pan-coronavirus vaccine covering all strains and related viruses is feasible. As a result, it is not prudent to wait for the next generation vaccine.

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