Koh Larn improves security Installed over 200 CCTV cameras, prepared for utilize in early June.


The installation of over 200 closed-circuit television cameras on Koh Lan will enhance the security of the area and its residents. It is expected that the cameras will be fully operational by the beginning of June. Kiattisak Sriwongchai, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the City of Pattaya, revealed on May 31 that the project to install the cameras is still in its early stages and that it will be carried out to secure the property and life of the tourists. It will also help in monitoring the activities of the people who come to the area. The cameras will allow tourists to check the status of their destination in just a couple of minutes. The City of Pattaya has also installed over 200 cameras on various parts of Koh Lan, such as the seven beaches. Currently, the project has progressed to 95%. These cameras are mainly used for monitoring the areas around the tourist attractions on the island. The cameras can zoom in on different areas, such as the house in front of the island. They can also show the boats moving in and out of the area, as well as the license plate number of the cars that pass through the area. The installation of the cameras on Koh Lan will help make the island a smart city and improve the safety of its residents and visitors. It will also help in collecting statistics about the people who come to the island. In the past, there were about 20,000 tourists visiting the island, but now there are more than 20,000. This is very important as the number of people visiting the island has increased due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Currently, the technical and camera installation process is still in its early stages. It is expected that the cameras will be fully operational by the beginning of June.

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