On 31 May, World No Smoking Day, Krabi residents and visitors declare an environmentally friendly non-smoking park.


On May 31, 2017, the people of Krabi declared the 65th National Park in the province of Tharbok as a smoke-free park. The park was established to protect the environment. In partnership with the Non-Smoking Campaign Foundation and the local media network, the park has become an example of how people can make a difference in their communities.

The local tourism industry and the professional Makkuthesk Association joined the campaign for the protection of the environment by participating in the No Tobacco Day event held on May 31.

The event was organized to raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and to encourage people to stop using tobacco products. At the same time, Sasithorn Kittithrakun, the Prime Minister of the local tourism industry, opened a discussion stage to discuss the issue.

The event was also attended by members of the local tourism industry and the non-smoking campaign foundation. Some of them included S. Saranya Bunsom, the director of the Non-smoking Foundation, and Veerasak Srisajjang, the head of the Tharbokkarni National Park.

Various organizations and sectors are working to reduce the number of people who smoke by implementing effective measures such as the implementation of the country’s tobacco control laws. In addition to this, the number of people who smoke in the province of Krabi is also high.

All parties involved in the tourism industry should take responsibility for the protection of the youth from the harmful effects of smoking. Creating a smoke-free environment in tourist areas is also a must. Sasithorn Kittithrakun, the Prime Minister of the local tourism industry, has urged the authorities to step up their efforts in implementing effective measures.

According to the Prime Minister, the tourism industry is the province’s responsibility. The people of Krabi have supported the campaign for the protection of the environment by establishing a smoke-free park. They also believe that visitors who come to the attractions in the province will not want to breathe in the harmful effects of smoke

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