DAY 1: Governor Chatchat encourages Bangkok to go green, kicking off Pride Month 2022.


The work on the tree planting program started in full swing on June 1, 2022. On that day, Chatchai Sitthiphan, the 17th governor of Bangkok, will officially start the project by planting trees at Benjakitti Park. During the event, which will be held in the evening, people can also enjoy the open Pride.

In addition to planting trees, the government also plans to create green spaces and walls in the city to filter the dust. On the same day, Her Majesty the Queen attended a dinner held by Siam Pastra to celebrate the monarch’s birthday. Tesla Motors’ entry into Thailand caused the electric vehicle price to fall by about 8 hundred thousand baht. During a walk in the park, Chatchai saw a family of owls living in Benjakitti Park.

Before the official start of the tree planting program, Chatchai joined the first Bodhi tree in the city. To encourage people to plant trees and help increase the green space in the city, Chatchai opened the Pride Month 2022 event at Sam Rayong.

In Thailand, LGBTQ+ groups are planning on creating a rainbow-colored corridor through which they can easily reach their destination. This project will be carried out during Pride Month 2022, which will be held from June 1 to 30.According to Samyan Mitrtown, the inspiration for the rainbow flag came from Gilbert Baker, an activist. He said that gender should have its own flag, and the colors should reflect that diversity.

The rainbow flag was officially launched on June 25, 1978. The six colors of the rainbow were defined by the BMA, which stated that it is part of the agency’s 214 policy. According to the BMA, the inclusion of LGBTQ+ groups in the policy is allowed under its understanding.

In Thailand, people are expected to receive equal services. However, due to the country’s still-evolving gender identity and sexual orientation, it is still not yet clear if the government will eventually accept the full equality of gender. Being able to acknowledge and understand diversity is very important for the government to be on par with other networks.Aside from gender diversity, the BMA also needs to focus on improving the quality of its services by developing policies that support equality. One of the most important steps that the agency should take is to establish good governance principles.To improve the quality of its services, the BMA should also train its staff members on how to treat people with gender diversity. They should also be able to support a variety of expressions. Aside from being able to accept and understand diversity, the agency should also make sure that employees are not forced to wear a uniform that identifies with their birth sex.

In addition, the BMA is also working on establishing rules that prevent sexual harassment in the city. It also plans to establish a gender diversity health clinic. Currently, there are only two public health facilities that provide services that are focused on providing comprehensive health care for LGBTQI+ individuals.

The agency is also planning on establishing a medical counseling center that will be able to provide various services, such as psychological counseling. It will also be able to perform gender reassignment surgery and drug-hormonal use therapy in public health facilities.

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