Andreanna Bakery’s Meat Pie- consistent in premium quality and satisfaction


Andreanna Bakery’s Meat Pie is hand-crafted with the house’s special recipe and quality-controlled by the best-quality hand pie press machine. The pie is, in fact, one of the signature dishes enjoyed by both Thai and foreign guests.

Meat pie can be served alone or with mashed potatoes and a bowl of peas. However, both options come with homemade gravy sauce. Once you crack open the crispy pie, you will see a loaded beef-cube filling. Eating a bite alone without gravy sauce is just already delicious as the filling is fresh and juicy itself. On the other hand, topping the sauce on the pie will just enhance the overall taste and texture. A great pairing for meat pies at Andreanna’s Bakery could be a hot or cold unsweetened black coffee, Latte, Cappucino, or Thai tea. 

The British chef and the owner of Andreanna’s Bakery, Andy who had years of experience running Anantasila resort, has poured his food passion and cooking expertise into every dish he created by himself. Not only premium ingredients are carefully selected, but also particular tools and machines are an essential matter he greatly cares about. To make meat pies, he uses the John Hunt pie press machine, a top-of-the-line brand for making high-quality pies. Chef Andy shares that a good pie does not only mean premium ingredients used in the making but the right tools and machines that are as utterly important as they ensure the consistently correct appearance and size.

Besides meat pies, Andreanna’s Bakery offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable bread options such as Ciabatta, Dark Rye, Multigrain, Sourdough, and Baguette. Other pastries that you can find are croissants and dessert pies. Main courses are also served here such as pasta, grills, and Carvery roast (only on Sundays), and something lighter like sandwiches and salads can also be added to your order. Most importantly, the restaurant has over 14 selections of breakfast to choose from to kick start your morning. 

Andreanna’s Bakery is a perfect choice to dine in for your breakfast, brunch, and lunch while you would feel adequately satisfied to enjoy the rest of the day. The place is located on Kao Takiab side, so after your meal, you can visit Kao Takiab beach, which is about 10 minutes away. To get the exact location, please check For more information, please contact 087-896-2552 or visit


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