Suri Gyoza: freshly-made order-by-order gyozas with fancy toppings


Suri Gyoza has revolutionized the way we eat gyozas by presenting 4 toppings to choose from. Their gyozas are hand-made and pan-fried freshly order by order to ensure absolute deliciousness.

The gyoza recipe from Suri Gyoza was uniquely designed to satisfy Thais and foreigners. Inside the dumplings, seasoned stir-fried pork with vegetables is loaded and artistically wrapped with hand-made corn-flour skins. Then, they are pan-fried with a little amount of oil. The toppings come with 3 choices: Mala (Chinese spicy herb powder sprinkled on top), Okonomiyaki (thinly sliced garlic gloves and shredded seaweed topped with mayonnaise sauce, tasting like a Japanese pizza), Cheese (melted Mozzarella cheese), and Tobiko (tiny shrimp eggs). If you prefer an authentic version, you can also go plain without any toppings. They all are actually perfect in taste by themselves without an extra Shoyu sauce (Japanese salty and sour soy sauce). The cafe makes sure every piece of their gyozas is fresh and tasty by starting to wrap the stuffing one by one and frying them once they receive an order.

There are other appetizers you could order to enhance your eating delights such as french friends, nuggets, crispy fried chicken balls, and wakame seaweed. Their drinks such as iced milk-based tea, full-leaf tea, and Italian soda are also refreshing and authentically concentrated to curb your thirst and energize your late afternoon sleepiness.

Suri Gyoza Cafe is inspired by the minimal style of Japanese cafes. The color tone is dominantly white and red, clearly reflecting Japanese essence and encouraging coziness when you dine in. There are a few board games available for those who wish to chill and hang out for a while. Photo-taking lovers will not be disappointed to take selfies or check-in photos as the whole place, inside and the front, is photogenic and instagrammable in every angle.

Gyozas by Suri Gyoza is perfect for an individual meal and group-sharing during the weekdays as well as for parties on Friday and Saturday nights, birthdays, or any celebrations. The cafe also has a home delivery service through Robinhood, Foodpanda, Grab, and by themselves. For more information, please call 065 662 4546 or visit To get to Suri Gyoza Cafe, come to Soi. Hua Hin-Huay Mongkol 19, the mountain side of the city. Please check this link for accurate navigation,


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