All about salmon at Salmon House 102


Salmon House 102 is home to a salmon-based menu such as salad, tartare, bagels, and sandwiches. With meticulous preparation and curing process, every dish is served fresh, hygienic, and flavorful.

Salmon House 102 ensures a distinct flavorful menu that centers on salmon products, as obviously reflected in the name, and Tuna, as well. The place places high importance on the curing process; the cure is evenly spread across the salmon fillet, and it is tightly wrapped into cling film, weighed down, and stored in a fridge for several days. The reason for the attentive care is that the process could affect the fish in a number of ways as it draws out liquid, preserves, and adds flavors. The combination of these effects breaks down the fibers in the fish; therefore, it is cooked cold which results in a perfect balance of saltiness, sweetness, and flavors.

The meticulous process of preparing salmon does not end until resting it for up to 12 hours in order to get the aroma to fully permeate it. This period of time allows for an invisible protein skin to be formed on the fillet, which helps sustains the smoke flavor that is made by a mixture of various ingredients from the house’s recipe: hickory, cherry, and apple wood.

The great passion for the fish has created a salmon-oriented menu, along with some dishes with Tuna as an option. The must-try picks are

  • Bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers
  • Smoked salmon salad with cucumbers, and apples 
  • Salmon steak
  • Salmon tartare on a bed of shallots and cucumber

The vegetables used in the dishes are organic, which adds extra freshness to the whole dish. You can feel confident treating the Salmon House’s dishes as an everyday healthy meal option.

Salmon House 102 is located in Soi.102, a perfect delicious healthy meal for people of all ages. The shop opens daily from 9 AM – 8 PM, except Sundays. For the exact location, please visit For more information, please contact or call 061-362-6463.


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