Heavy Rains Expected Until End of September


Areas across Thailand will continue to see heavy downpours this week, with the highest precipitation forecasted in the northeastern and eastern regions.

Hours of rain over Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai province led to a flash flood rolling in from the mountainside and into urban areas. Many villages and roads became inundated while local officers worked to alleviate the situation, such as by using water pumps to accelerate drainage.

Water levels continued to rise in Khlong Mae Kha, which runs through Rom Yen village in Chiang Mai city. This triggered a backflow through sewage lines and caused widespread flooding.

All parts of Thailand are expected to continue experiencing heavy precipitation until the end of the month due to a monsoon trough prevailing over the lower northern, central and eastern regions. Weather patterns in lower parts of Thailand are being influenced by a medium-strength southwesterly monsoon prevailing in the Andaman Sea, the southern provinces and the Gulf of Thailand.

Heavy and torrential rains with strong winds are expected in the northeastern and eastern regions, while the northern and central regions – including the Greater Bangkok Area – and the west coast of the southern region can expect heavy rains until the end of the month.

Author: kanyapat


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