On December 17, Koh Samui will welcome the second cruise ship carrying more than 2,500 German passengers


On December 7, 2022, Mr. Chayaphon Intarasupha, Koh Samui District Chief, reported that Koh Samui District, together with relevant authorities, had a conference to plan to welcome tourists who will travel to Koh Samui with a cruise ship, the M.V. Main Chip. This is the second major cruise ship carrying German passengers to Koh Samui Pier on December 17, 2022, in the format of One Day Trip. After November 27, the Koh Samui District welcomed 636 European visitors and garnered much appreciation. In taking care of welcome tourists, as well as the arrival of the first group of tourists, you can offer a good contribution to the community.

The Koh Samui sheriff claimed that he was planning to take care of this group of vacationers. will focus on preparing the ship to greet visitors from the cruise liner, which is anchored outside the jetty and will travel ashore to Koh Samui. to be practical Safe and good service As there are more than 2,500 tourists on Koh Samui, as well as tourist buses to various tourist attractions, the district of Koh Samui has established a tourism model that encourages community tourism participation in welcoming guests. and catering to visitors Local product shopping is essential in tourism, spas, and other tourist attractions. Eating local food and eating and using according to the style of tourists is required in order to share revenue to people in the area in all dimensions

Including the development of three-dimensional visuals and memories for travellers. Samui is not just known for its water and beaches, but also for its community-oriented culture. It is predicted that the arrival of the second cruise ship will help Koh Samui district substantially by stimulating travel and tourism. And it will be an essential opportunity to produce cash for the next cruise ship docking in the near future.


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