Mount Doi Inthanon is Affected by Morning Frost


On Sunday (December 11), temperatures dropped low enough to freeze morning dew on Chiang Mai’s Doi Inthanon mountain, with some witnesses comparing the frost to white sugar.

The peak was coated in ice for the first time in roughly a month, according to park officials.

The officials reported that the temperature on the mountain peak and at the Kew Mae Pan viewpoint plummeted to 4 degrees Celsius in the early hours of Sunday morning, allowing tourists to shoot the stunning picture of frosty dew.

Saturday alone, according to Doi Inthanon’s official Facebook page, 4,778 people came to see the spectacular event and experience the peak’s winter-like weather.

This year, the mountain experienced its last four morning frosts on May 7, November 8, November 10, and November 12.

Author: annie


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