The police are investigating the fire that destroyed a floating luxury cruise ship worth millions of baht


At 6:45 am on December 11, 2022, a cruise ship was observed at a private tourist pier. The fire was ferocious and soon spread throughout the ship. The fire department responded quickly and sprayed water to extinguish the blaze. However, complications arose since the boat drifted away from the beach. The fire cannot be extinguished using the fire truck’s maximum water pressure. It took more than two hours to extinguish the blaze. Initially, a fire broke out within the ship and nearly destroyed it. due to the fact that it is a sofa and chair. The fire caused no damage to the cabin. As for the origin, it is believed that the fire began in the captain’s quarters and swiftly spread throughout the ship. The loss of millions of Thai baht.

The villagers informed Phuket City Police Department Deputy Inspector (Investigation) Pol. Captain Wichit Nokkaew that a luxury cruise liner had docked. Mr. Anupap Yodrabam, Deputy Governor of Phuket, Mr. Natchaphong Pranit, Director of Phuket District Port Office, and Mr. Suwit Suriyawong, Police Superintendent of Mueang District, worked together to construct the floating pier in Ratsada Subdistrict, Mueang District. Phuket directs Ratsada Subdistrict Firefighters from the Municipality Phuket City Municipality Wichita Municipality, Phuket Marine Police, and other organizations to investigate the fire.

The Phuket Regional Harbor Master, Mr. Natchaphong Pranit, stated that the event occurred around 6:45 a.m. today (December 11). Coordinating with ship owners and connected parties, he received a report from port officials that the ship was on fire. While coordinating with the Deputy Governor of Phuket, the Deputy Director General of the Marine Department, and the fire department, quickly remove the other ships from the burning ship and lead the ships away from the coast as the fire rapidly spreads. Locals and local officials both became aware of the incident at roughly the same time.

All troops thereafter mobilized their soldiers and equipment until the fire could be contained. While preliminary damage assessments are being made, officials are conducting an investigation. It is still uncertain where on the ship the fire originated. The fundamental ship equipment costs millions of baht. The ship’s primary superstructure was damaged. We must await answers; authorities are accelerating their probe.

Therefore, I questioned people who observed the event. and the setting It is thought that the fire began in the captain’s quarters. a bridge chamber or Then, electricity is supplied to the boat from shore. It is believed that a short circuit caused the failure of the ship’s electrical systems, including the fan, battery, and light. You may use insect repellant on the boat for several reasons. Currently, we are examining the actual cause of the fire. However, the fire started on the bridge, in the captain’s quarters.

Nonetheless, in that section of the engine room, it has not decreased. However, it did not spread downhill because there was a ballast room above the fire. Well-fueled sorts of equipment, including as seats and life jackets. Regarding the prevention of gasoline spread, safety procedures will be in place. Separate from the engine room, which is a room with many opening systems, the water production is secured by a valve located in a room with its own opening system. The defense has a specialized fuel chamber already. If a fire occurs, the system will shut off the valves. preventing air from entering. It will be an effort to contain the blaze. According to its license, this vessel can seat 490 passengers. Approximately 29 to 30 persons are on board when the vessel is not in use.

This vessel is a luxury cruise vessel. Long-standing passenger boat service from Phuket to Phi Phi Don or Ton Sai Bay, Krabi Province, across the island to Phi Phi Don or Ton Sai Bay. This is called a huge ship and is a passenger ship with air conditioning The vessel can carry around 400 passengers simultaneously. And there are still seats available: 1. standard seats The seats are located on the lowest level. It is the seat of a chair. The initial eclipse seating On the second floor, there will be a sofa seat and three luxury seats. There are seats on the third story or roof. A sofa will serve as the seat. Ratsada Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phuket Province. Although the boat has not yet gone for the passenger transfer service, numerous systems are now being tested onboard.


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