Thailand Halal Assembly 2022: A Tool for Promoting Thailand’s Soft Power


This week, Thailand will host the Thailand Halal Assembly 2022 in an effort to boost its soft power in the field of halal science, which is expected to have significant development potential due to increased demand for safe and traceable food.

Winai Dahlan, director of the Halal Science Center, has stated that “soft powering” Halal Science, Technology, and Innovation is the guiding principle behind the planning of the Thailand Halal Assembly 2022. The goal is to increase respect for Thailand’s soft power among the halal scientific community throughout the world. Efforts to provide a platform for study in halal science, technology, and innovations will also benefit the assembly. This study may be used by the academic community, businesses, industries, and the public sector as they undergo digital transitions.

Together, the Halal Science Center, the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, and the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand put on the Thailand Halal Assembly.

Associate Professor Winai remarked that Thailand’s ability to employ scientific evidence in support of halal certificates is exceptional. The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand has approved 170,000 food products for sale in both the domestic and international markets as halal.

The Thailand Halal Assembly 2022 will include the International Halal Science and Technology Conference 2022 as well as the 15th Halal Science Industry and Business Conference. Around fifty lecturers and presenters, both Thai and foreign, will share their knowledge and expertise in preparation for journal publication.

An academic exposition named “Soft Powering of Halal Science, Technology, and Innovation” will be held as part of the 8th International Halal Standards and Certification Convention at the Thailand Halal Assembly 2022.

In Bangkok, the Chamchuri 10 building at Chulalongkorn University will host the Thailand Halal Assembly 2022 on the 15th and 16th of December.

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