Hong Kong’s Covid-19 Rules Get an Update


As of Wednesday (Dec 14), Hong Kong lifted some of the COVID-19 limitations that had been in place, giving visitors more flexibility as part of efforts to revive the city’s tourism business.

In light of the diminished threat posed by imported illnesses, Hong Kong has updated its COVID laws starting December 14. Visitors who take the PCR test and come out negative will be given a blue ticket that will let them tour the city without restriction. Any person, tourist included, who tests positive will continue to be given a “red code” and isolated.

Upon arrival, international visitors must submit to a PCR test, then again on day three, as well as a fast antigen test every day until day six.

Businesses and visitors alike have expressed their appreciation for the relaxed rules as the city gears up for the forthcoming Christmas season. The reinstatement of quarantine-free travel to mainland China has not yet occurred, and some worry that the delay would discourage visitors from visiting Hong Kong. They anticipated a 10-20% jump in visitors throughout the Christmas and Lunar New Year celebrations.


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