Multiple times, Pattaya police raided a bar for surreptitiously opening too late


At 2:46 a.m. on December 18, 2022, Deputy Superintendent of Pattaya City Police Station, Chonburi Province, Pol. Lt. Col. Krirkrit Saiwana led Pattaya City Police Station personnel to examine entertainment establishments in Pattaya City. To dissuade the illicit entertainment venue from staying open past the lawful closing time. as well as eradicating all unlawful activities and fostering a positive image for the tourism destination. Prepare to receive tourists who will be traveling on New Year’s Eve.

The study revealed that one entertainment outlet in the form of a tavern was opened. There is no illumination in front of the store, and the door is totally shut. intending to fool the officer. Someone was observing from the sidelines. where cops noticed loud music coming from within She therefore instructed the employees to open for examination. However, the store seemed indifferent and did not open the door for him to check. After more than 10 minutes, the store finally decided to let me in. It was discovered that there are still Thai visitors in the shop. And more than fifty foreigners are drinking in tranquility. While the staff was clearing the bill, they also cleaned the table, as they were instructed to do so by the employees who had just arrived.

However, there are also rumors that the store in question has been arrested multiple times in the past for operating beyond of its permitted hours. However, they remain unafraid to switch off all the lights, close the door in an attempt to trick the officer, and then open it without regard for the law in order to provide service to tourists. However, it was not out of the officer’s sight until he was arrested again.
As a storekeeper, Pol. Lt. Col. Krirkrit Saiwana, deputy superintendent of the Pattaya Police Station, first oversaw the taker. Send investigators to submit a complaint and prepare to issue a summons to the actual store owner in accordance with the applicable legal procedure.

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