Phuket Earns Most Tourism Revenue in First 10 Months of 2022


As a consequence of government efforts to promote tourism, Thailand has emerged as a top choice for visitors from all over the world. Businesses in the affected sectors have been able to recover and money has been redistributed around the country thanks to the resurgence of tourism. With almost 127 billion baht brought in by tourists in the first 10 months of the year, Phuket was discovered to be the top earner in Thailand.

On December 10 of this year, ten million international visitors came to Thailand, according to Deputy Government Spokesperson Tipanan Sirichana. The Phuket Sandbox initiative, which was designed to revitalize the island’s tourism industry, was later implemented in other parts of Thailand. In the end, all crossing points were restored. Ms. Tipanan credited the swift recovery of the tourism industry to the public’s cooperation with health measures. By December 10th, 10 million international visitors had surpassed all projections for the year.

Ms. Tipanan claimed that January and October are particularly lucrative for the Thai economy because of the influx of tourists. The tourist industry brought in an increased sum of money for several regions, the most notable being Phuket province’s 127.927 billion baht. During that time period, 2,329,894 out-of-country visitors came to the province. Chonburi, which came in second, earned 13,283,000,000 Thai Baht from 975,026 international visitors. Surat Thani welcomed 606,812 international visitors who spent a total of 7.586 billion baht.

Ms. Tipanan emphasized that the public is aware of the successes of tourist stimulation measures thanks to real-life interactions and social media comments. As a result of these policies, more and more people from outside of Thailand are visiting the country. To that end, it helped the tourist industry as a whole recover and see a revenue increase.

Author: kanyapat


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