Royal Thai Navy Increases Efforts in Search for 29 Missing Soldiers


The Royal Thai Navy has coordinated the use of boats, planes, and UAVs to search for 29 still missing personnel of a navy boat that sunk recently, including the Royal Thai Navy Admiral Sukhothai, who has not been located despite the best efforts of the Air Force. One missing person, Private Chananyu, has been rescued so far.  Planes and helicopters should be organized to aid the casualties.

At midday on December 20, 2022, Royal Thai Navy spokesperson Admiral Kruang Monthat Phalin announced the latest findings from the navy’s search-and-rescue operation. As a result  of stormy seas and high winds the sunken ship’s electricity and heavy equipment were destroyed by the water. The ship was listing so severely that it had to be abandoned before sinking, according to a Navy spokesman.

He continued, saying that the day’s waves were almost 4 meters high, sinking multiple other vessels aswell. Three fishing vessels and two cargo ships sank in the area, prompting the Navy to send out rescue craft. However, access to the region to deliver initial aid was hampered by the severe wind waves that hindered sailing.

The incident region is currently experiencing high winds, making it difficult to hunt for missing personnel and provide aid. Sending a big ship to assist was necessary. Navy Royal Ship Bhumibol Adulyadej HTMS Ang Thong HTMS Kraburi HTMS Naresuan. 2 Dornia maritime reconnaissance aircraft and 2 helicopters are all searching for victims, 1 UAV in conjunction with 1 Air Force aircraft and 1 helicopter are also at the scene to aid victims by expanding the search area from yesterday with a focus on coastal areas.

This has been determined by taking into account the current and wind direction. To include the region where the most recent Royal Navy Admiral Sukhothai was seen and helped. in the  area is considered that the remainder of the army are to occupy the region which has been going on continually.  While 75 of the 105 crew members on board have been assisting since the day of the recent incident, the missing 30 have yet to be located.

For the purpose of assisting troops and their families, the Navy has established three rescue centers to coordinate rescue efforts.

  1. Located in Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, with phone numbers 038-438-008, 065-693-3630, the Naval Operations Center, Region 1 provides support to Royal Admiral Sukhothai.
  2. Assisting the Royal Thai Navy’s first admiral in the Bang Saphan District from the center’s Region 1 naval operations center. Tel: 089-035-3643; Fax: 094-672-2662; Prachuap Khiri Khan Province
  3.  Location: Commissioned Club Royal Thai Navy Fleet, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, Phone: (038) 182-435; Fax: (084) 002-3554; 

The Navy’s press office will provide more information as soon as they can.

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